The Berkeley Poetry Slam featuring GRAY BRIAN THOMAS


Bringing you some of the best poetry from across the world, every week, since 2000.


Here we go again everyone! Get yourselves out to the Berkeley Slam this upcoming Wednesday to catch some of the best underground art happening in your area. Maybe you can get on the mic, too and give some of these regular slammers a run for the money (and we mean that literally, because top 3 finishers in the slam win money). This week we are featuring Salt Lake City’s Gray Brian Thomas!

Sign ups for the slam start at 7:30. The season is in full swing so earn you way to compete for a spot to represent Berkeley at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland in 2014.

Your host for the night will be Dre, with musical accompaniment by DJ Freeze



Gray is a Salt Lake City native. He is a 3-time member of Salt City Slam, co-founder of the Wasatch Wordsmiths, co-founder/coach/teammate of the University of Utah Poetry Slam team, and 2012 iWPS representative for SLC. He has been published in various journals, most recently by Tired Hearts Press. He has a degree in English from the University of Utah, though he considers it more of an expensive book club. Most recently, he quit smoking cigarettes in favor of classier pipes. His drinking habits have remained consistent for the past few years. He is best known for crumpling up paper into a ball and throwing it behind him. Sometimes this paper contains words, like a love note, or an apology (or both), the syntax of which he could never be quite satisfied. As he has grown older, he has fallen in love and apologized so many times that the living room and then the dining room of his apartment became completely covered with these balls of imperfection. He refused to carry them to the garbage, because he like to be reminded of failure, but at one point, when the ample amounts of paperballs were enough to not only completely cover the entire floor of his 500 sq. foot apartment, but reached a level of 5 feet or so throughout, he grew a fondness for jumping off of furniture and into the balls, swimming through them from one room to another. This activity reminds him of leaves in the autumn, which are, in a way, a tree’s attempt at apologizing, yet failing. Sometimes he writes love letters to the apology letters, and sometimes he must write an apology to the love letters. Once the collection of paperballs reached the ceiling, Gray was forced to rent another apartment, which he keeps clean, yet still he maintains the original apartment, which he still returns to, and will keep returning to until he can discover the perfect way of saying “I love you, I’m sorry.”
He is currently 28 years old.


Upcoming Features:

November 27 THE SOCK PUPPET SLAM! Poets. With socks. On their hands!
December 4 The spellbinding Marshall Davis Jones
December 11 Charlotte’s Carlos Robson

3101 Shattuck Avenue, 510-841-2082
(1 block uphill from the Ashby BART).
$7 – $10 sliding scale (most nights)
Cash Prizes!
Sign-up: 7:30 p.m. Show: 8:30 p.m.
ALL AGES before 10 p.m.

Slam Rules and Info:
Berkeley Slam History:

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