Mission Statement

The Berkeley Slam is the longest running slam in Northern California, and has been an integral part of the Berkeley arts community for over 15 years. It provides a space for local writers/artists/performers/etc. to explore and perfect their own craft while also showcasing some of the most talented artists in the country (and beyond).

The Berkeley Slam’s top commitment is community – its building, its maintaining, and its safeguarding. We welcome persons of any and all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, abilities, ages, etc. The Berkeley Slam values freedom of speech and thus does not limit, moderate or otherwise censor any content, and so there is a blanket trigger warning for all Berkeley Slam events. However, we strive to create a constructive atmosphere of equality, sensitivity, and progress, one that encourages discussion and actively opposes marginalization of any persons or group. Our goal isn’t tolerance of diversity, but its empowerment and alliance.

Safety of our poets, audience, staff, and anyone else affiliated with our community is of the utmost importance. We do not tolerate any actions that compromise this (e.g. physical violence, unwanted advances or physical contact, threats, harassment, etc.). Any incidents of such actions will be investigated immediately and thoroughly by the Berkeley Slam Committee, and we reserve the right to enact consequences up to and including banning individuals from future Berkeley Slam events and recommending the same to other Bay Area events. Any reports of unsafe behavior will be kept strictly confidential and will be taken with absolute seriousness. We encourage anyone who has witnessed or experienced any unsafe behavior to contact the Berkeley Slam Committee or one of its representatives.

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